Bye 2020, Hello 2021

speedy journey ahead

Hey fellow time travelers, 

So many things can be said about 2020 — the Washington Post shares these words from around the web…

Looking Back

For us, we appreciate your words of encouragement and candid feedback, which made our product better. With your help, we believe we have built the best calendar. Thank You for ebbing & flowing with our slow & steady way of doing things.

Moving Ahead

As our team steps on the 2021 starting line, there is a feeling of eagerness for what lies ahead, free to take on bigger challenges, more determined to win.

As a company, there is a heightened sense of things: turn on the marketplace, the next round of venture financing, and most importantly — finding the next 10,000 fellow time travelers. 

One last thing, if you have helpful tips or advice with the App Store launch, please drop me a note @ would love to learn more from you 🙏.


Zi & Timeless Team