January 2021

Launching Timeless Soon

Let's Chat on Zoom or Clubhouse

Hey fellow time travelers, 

"Dear Jan 2021, despite your intermittent temper tantrum, I'm glad you're here". 

We know this is the year where Timeless will finally launch publically. To that end, we started our marketplace experiments. So far, results are promising; folks enjoy how we make it faster & easier to find & book premium events & services. After more than a year of calendar infrastructure development, it feels damn good to make the leap forward.

In Good Company

It is no secret, we feel the calendar industry has been apathetic and stagnating for too long. So, it is encouraging to see the well-deserved success of Calendly (raised $350M, Go Atlanta). It further validates the latent potential within the vast calendar network. As we inch closer to the public launch of the Timeless Calendar App, we are Uncomfortably excited to make our mark. Stay Tuned.

1H 2021: Help Needed

🚀 Working with our investors to add more fuel for our upcoming launch

🐞 Before the App Store release, we’re expanding the TestFlight group to exterminate more bugs. If you haven’t already, please sign up for our waitlist here

☎️ Seeking expert advice on App Store product launch

As we write to you today, we look forward, optimistically, to the future. CAL me to share your $0.02 on 🚀 + 🐞 + ☎️

Zi & Timeless Team