Timeless Brief | October'20

Hey fellow time travelers,

October is a month of chaos & focus. As our private beta group grows, we are refactoring bits & pieces of the codebase to be more performant. Get Kitty Hawk Testflight to see what’s new.

Beta 1

Product Love

After talking to hundreds of users, many of you shared thoughtful feedback on making our time machine better. Highlighting notable features:

  1. Tap on the bottom left circle in Calendar to activate Views @bjorn

    • Multi Dayview can show 2-5 days of schedule

    • Horizontal Pinch-to-Zoom to see more or fewer

    • Vertical Pinch-to-Zoom to get more event info

  2. Pull down from the top of the app to activate Z-space to share feedback @jean

  3. Push notifications that take you immediately to the calendar event @aaron

What's Next

Time management is hard, and it is getting harder because of time fragmentation. Conventional calendars require users to manually piece together time blocks across multiple apps & websites — that’s a ton of work for a bunch of reminders.

In the last 2 months of 2020, our team is working to develop a warehouse that can store inventory — kinda like Amazon's fulfillment centers. This means in Beta 2, our customers can discover, schedule, pay & access online events, classes, and social experiences in the Timeless marketplace.

Let’s reach 88 mph together!

Zi & Timeless Team