Timeless Summer Recap

😎Lingering in the golden gleam of the summer, making Timeless moments.

Timeless was built to drown out the noisy world of busy To-Dos and to enrich lives with meaningful experiences. To achieve this goal, we first simplified the stress-inducing calendar user interface. The next step is advancing our curated marketplace feature with Event Discovery.

Event as NFT

This summer, Timeless partnered with Harmony to launch our #NFTMoment campaign. With Harmony, users can transfer assets between chains quickly and securely, including Ethereum, Binance, and others. Together, our goal is to connect real-world events to the metaverse, providing an opportunity for participants to win sporting tickets, concerts, and other events while commemorating moments with NFTs.

$100,000 Ticket Auction

Our campaign has so far resulted in 3,000 wallet activations per event. We’ve curated events for Lollapalooza, UFC 264 McGregor vs. Poirier, and NFL Opening Night - Buccaneers vs. Cowboys, with many more to come.

If you’re a die-hard EDM fan, Check out our NFTMoment event for a chance to win tickets to Electric Daisy Carnival - Las Vegas in October. 



🚀 Public Launch

As we approach our public launch, we’re making our final touches to our Event Discovery Feed. Initially, our focus will be on curated events & drops and expanding to events based on your interests and a community-curated feed

Too many people create a stressful schedule that drains their time. Get inspired by the Timeless Feed, and populate your calendar with moments that are meaningful & rewarding. Be on the lookout for our launch! 👇

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Zi & Timeless Team